Clean room partitions italy

Parteco is leader in Italy in the design, construction and installation of clean rooms. Our products include a variety of modular systems satisfying any application need. We produce all components in our Italian plant. Our production philosophy foresees pre-manufacturing down to the smallest details. Our modules are shipped to be installed with no further completion needed. Our team offers a 360° service for the entire project period, right up to after-sales activities and maintenance during use. In Parteco we consider the clean room partitions in “operation” as the finished product, not just a simple sum of its components. We also feel that a successful project means being able to set up a lasting partnership with our Customer. That is why our managers boast thorough experience in the sector and are ready to assist you in all the stages of your project. Assembly teams on the job or our supervisors are assisted by the project manager all the time; to guarantee that performance agreed with the Customer is achieved.
Founded in 1974, the first company on the market, Parteco led the growth of the clean room prefabrication sector, and is still a point of reference for the market. Our headquarters are in Lissone, near Milan. In just one location, we design and manufacture all our products. Our premises have a large, well-equipped showroom. This gives customers the chance to study Parteco quality directly and compare the different technical solutions.

Clean room partitions technical service

Creating a clean room means new solutions all the time; re-elaborating the product based on limits caused each time by building, by type of process and/or production plants, by regulatory limits or the customer's internal procedures. Parteco resources can handle problems of this kind. That is why we are the ideal partner for design offices and engineering companies. We offer our experience and competence to support your designers in all stages, including drawing up basic specifications to be used during tenders.

Clean room partitions design service

Parteco offers a complete clean room design service. Starting from taking precise field measurements and finalising details during the kick-off meeting, up to drafting and delivery of the as built and final certificates. The entire design is carried out exploiting an autocad application developed autonomously to enable the best exchange of data with the customer. All details are developed in 3D.

Clean room partitions installing service

Parteco offers several installation service management solutions as this has always been the most critical aspect of all projects. Our staff's preparation and experience is the winning factor. It allows us to proceed rapidly with a workmanlike finish. For our teams, we take ongoing care over knowledge of products and installation procedures. They are even involved in the product development stages.

Clean room partitions prefabbrication service

Thanks to an accurate design service and care of details, in Parteco we can take component pre-fabrication to maximum levels of detail. This means that all that has to be done on site is simple installation. Wall systems are created down to the last millimetre. Electric components, doors, windows, grid openings, machines and intersections with other construction elements are perfectly finished when they leave our premises. Doors, up to where size makes it possible, are equipped with all profiles and accessories. What's more, they are delivered inside a door panel which, once installed, installs the entire door at the same time. Special systems like air showers, pass-boxes, furnishings are finished completed in the factory, tested and then shipped.

Sector operators acknowledge Parteco leadership in the modular construction of a clean room. A customer entrusting us with its project is certain to be "operational" within pre-set times.