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PARTECO - Modular systems for cleanroom

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Clean Room Consulting

Creating a Medical and Food Industry Clean Room involves new solutions every time, re-elaborating the product according to the constraints of the building, the type of process and / or the production facilities, the international rules rather than the internal procedures of the customer.

Parteco is able to face problems of this kind with its own resources. This is why we are the ideal partner for architecture and engineering companies.

We offer ours experience and expertise in supporting your designers in all phases, including the drafting of basic specifications to be used during tenders.






Design, a precise path and shared with the customer

The design of a Medical and Food Industry Clean Room follows a path that starts from the detection of precise as-built measures of the building, to the organization of the so-called kick-off meeting in which the design of the product is started, defining details and timing.

The executive project (“as built”) is drawn up with all the drawings that describe the complete construction of the cleanroom and delivered with the related final certificates. All details are developed in 3D format.

We use an internally developed Autocad application to run the entire cleanroom design that allows us to interact with the customer by sharing data. We offer the service of sharing our servers through which the customer can view, comment and possibly modify in real time the designs we have prepared.

The architectural design of the works is another important factor.
The choice of colors, surfaces, the alternation of full and empty spaces, the definition of details, constitute a relevant aspect both for the purpose of the ergonomics of the places and for conforming to the corporate image.



Prefabrication, the detail phase is at the highest levels

The careful design of the clean rooms and studied in every detail allows us to push the prefabrication of false ceilings, partitions and movable walls, pass boxes fup to the highest level of detail, so the activity on site is much faster and quality of the extremely best details. The wall systems are made to the millimeter. Electrical components, swing doors, glazed windows, openings for grids, machines and intersections with other construction elements come out of perfectly finished production. Special systems such as pass boxes and air showers are completely finished in the factory, tested and then shipped.


Complete installation service

Parteco offers various solutions for managing the installation service, which has always been the most critical in all projects. The preparation and experience of our staff is the winning factor that allows you to progress quickly in the work and to have finishes performed to perfection.

For our teams we continuously take care of the products and their installation procedures; they are even involved in the product development phases. Not enough, all the operators are trained in the safety management of the site building as well as in the coordination of the activities, also in regard to those of other possible suppliers present on site.

Our supplies are always accompanied by precise and detailed installation instructions. In addition to this, the products are always pre-assembled at the factory in order to facilitate operations at the place of destination.

Customers have the choice to proceed using a complete installation service rather than supervising the activities carried out on their own or, furthermore, training carried out in Italy by local staff.


Our cleanrooms guarantee the customer quality and delivery times

Thanks to the care we dedicate to the design phase, our cleanrooms are built in a very short time and with the best possible quality level.
The materials used are tested for a long time before their actual use. The constructive solutions are designed to constantly improve performance and simplify production and installation processes.
Our customers therefore benefit from the best solutions available on the market provided in compliance with the project schedule.